Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrities Get Beat By Their Own Tweets

Social media is a powerful promotion tool for all users--those looking for a job, businesses striving to increase brand recognition, and celebrities connecting with fans and fellow celebs to mold their brand image.

I want to direct our attention to celebrities and their uses of social media. In my previous blogs, I have mentioned that celebrities are a brand. As a celebrity, one must be aware of his or her actions and think twice about statements they make, for it can make or break a career. I read an article by Jenni Maier from The headline of the article is Dear PR People: Please Stop Letting Celebrities Tweet...need I say more?
The headline brings up a great question--should celebrities be forbidden to write their own tweets? And if so, does that mean celebrities should not even own a Twitter account? Recently, we are constantly hearing about a celebrity writing a controversial tweet that created negative hype. Maier states that "within 24 hours the tweets are deleted and replaced with a vague apology tweet that you just know was quickly crafted by an anxious PR person."

I believe in freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and diverse perspective which is an individual's greatest strength. If a celebrity makes an ignorant, racist, sexist comment then that is their fault. Of course, the statements tend to lead towards enormous stress and embarrassment from not only the celebrity but the publicist as well. Cases of Twitter-misuse is the celebrity's problem. In other cases, some celebrities use Twitter in a beneficial way to promote a cause. We should not generalize the celebrity misuse of social media; thus, we should not punish all celebrities from using social media sites.


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