Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres Builds Laughs and Brand Recognition on Oscar Night

Why do you think consumers resonate with brands shown through film, television and celebrities? 

During the Academy Awards as Hollywood celebrated the art of cinema, jcpenney launched its new commercials starring their spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres. The commercials brought in positive brand awareness and were marked as the "most effective spots to air during the Hollywood telecast," says Stacy Schilling from the Examiner.

I became a fan myself of the commercials for its sense of humor and also for its clear delivery of the message. The commercials successfully informed the viewers of the new jcpenney shopping experience in a humorous tone that was not obnoxious nor irrelevant. 

Does entertainment promote the message of a brand or product in a clearer and less monotone style? Do you believe celebrities add success to a companies brand recognition? Are media consumers more willing to watch an ad rather than read one? 

I am interested to hear what you think! 


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