Friday, March 2, 2012

Gatorade Finds A New Face

Emmett Jones from Sports Business Digest wrote an article referring to Gatorade's recent multi-year partnership with 2012 NFL Pro Bowler, Cam Newton. The company is working with Newton to not only add a face to the sports drink brand, but is also using his athleticism for scientific research to study how Gatorade increases his on-field performance.
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Now why would anyone want to make Cam Newton a representative of their brand? Alright, I am a little biased considering I am from the University of Oregon. I am still bitter from the loss of the 2011 BCS Championship game.

In all seriousness, Newton is an impeccable athlete. Not only did he lead the Auburn Tigers to win the 2011 BCS Championship (grrrr), he is also the third player to win the Heisman Trophy and be the first overall pick in the NFL draft all in one year. Newton now plays as a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers where he became the first rookie quarterback to throw 400 yards in his NFL regular-season opener.

Regardless of his athleticism, Newton is also a loyal consumer of Gatorade products. It is important to find a celebrity that uses the company's brand as well as one that fits the values of the brand. As a face for a company, one must believe in the product and represent it with a substantial amount of knowledge. Just placing a popular, pretty face on Gatorade's brand would not be ethical. The fact that Newton is and has been a longtime consumer of the Gatorade products makes him the perfect face for Gatorade.


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