Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Wins!

According to USA TODAY, Doritos takes the win for this year's best Super Bowl commercial. USA TODAY/Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter started the competition online, marking the first time for consumers to pick the winner versus the traditional voting made by preselected panelists. Voting began after each of the 55 commercials aired on which advertisers spent up to a record $3.5 million for each 30-second slot.  

The record-breaking price for this year's ads sparked quite a controversy. The public began questioning if "Super Bowl commercials are really worth that amount of money?" If you search for that question on the Internet you will discover numerous amounts of articles and blogs ranging in all opinions. USA TODAY's Bruce Horovitz, Laura Petrecca, and Gary Strauss responded to this topic stating, "For the Super Bowl's 38 national advertisers, this was also the Social Bowl. Never mind that they spent upwards of $230 million on just the TV advertising time. The purpose of most of the spots was to drive consumers to share the spots with friends, buzz about them and the brand and then try to find out more about the product."

With today's technology providing us with products like TiVo and DVR, many viewers can now fast forward through commercials, and you can bet that most do.  But on the day of the Super Bowl, my theory is most viewers watch mainly for the creative ads and take their bathroom breaks during the game (that is, of course, assuming your favorite team is not playing). In marketing, wise advice is to market to those who are listening. Those who are willing to listen to you are the ones who will tell their friends and family; therefore, growing brand recognition. $3.5 million is a great chunk of cash but for a Super Bowl commercial, I say it's worth it.


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