Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Reality of Entertainment PR

I read an article today posted by Lorra M. Brown from Ragan's PR Daily. The article is about the not-so-glamorous industry of entertainment and fashion public relations. This is not news to me. From the beginning of my PR sequence in school, teachers have informed me that event-planning and entertainment PR is exhausting. "Be ready to have multiple backup plans," they always say. I believe their advice.
To represent something or someone is a big deal! That is quite a load of responsibility to be carrying over one's shoulders; therefore, people have to appreciate the amount of work public relation practitioners accomplish.

In my blog I have talked about entertainment used as a marketing and advertising tool. As far as fashion shows, you always see celebrities sitting in the front row watching models walk down the runway wearing the marvelous creations of top designers. The relationship between celebrities and fashion designers is an important step to market a designer's art of clothes. Viewers tune into red carpet pre-shows before popular award ceremonies to watch "who is wearing who." The line "who are you wearing," means a dress is more than a dress, it is a name. Ah, the beauty of branding.

Take a look at Brown's article to learn what really goes down in fashion and entertainment PR:


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