Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrity Faces On All The Right Places

One of my favorite shows on television right now is ABC's Modern Family. If you have not seen it already--watch it. The Golden Globe Award winning show is witty and the entire cast play off of each other swimmingly. Did I mention Ty Burrell (actor who plays Phil Dunphy on the show) graduated from the University of Oregon?  Go Ducks!

Another main star of the hit show is Colombian actress, Sofia Vergara. Vergara plays Gloria Pritchett, a strong-headed woman with a voluptuous figure and remarkable beauty that comes with a very thick Columbian accent. Her humor and loving personality has captured audiences and big brands as well.

One of the bigger brands she is representing for is the new Diet Pepsi TV campaign. According to the "Celebrity Brands" blog, Vergara uses her "wit and charm to dance her way past a cast of suitors in a sultry Miami nightclub to get to a refreshing can of Diet Pepsi." With the popularity of Modern Family helping Vergara become a recognizable and appealing actress, PepsiCo was smart to use her as the face of the new Diet Pepsi.

Check this blog to find more marketing campaigns that Vergara is associated with:…-diet-pepsi/


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  1. I agree! I think especially now we are seeing more and more brands using celebrities to build their brand recognition. I am also a Modern Family fan as well and I think playing into her thick Colombian accent along with her fun,and strong-willed personae carry through in the show and in this commercial. What are your views on using celebrities for building brand recognition? Do you think it's played an effective role in getting even more of a consumer base?