Friday, February 17, 2012

Use Tweets To Help You, Not Hurt You

Christine Erickson from Mashable Entertainment wrote about hip-hop artist Chris Brown's recent activity on Twitter and his unwisely use of the social media tool in her article, "Chris Brown Isn't Dead, But His Twitter Handle Almost Is." She asked readers, "If you were Chris Brown's publicist, how would you handle the situation?"

After Brown performed at this year's Grammys, Twitter users were sparking a controversy mentioning the performer in a not-so-positive light starting trending topics such as #wifebeater. To make matters worse, "Brown responded to the hate with a strongly worded tweet," says Erickson. If you are interested in the artist's exact responses and for more information on the story visit this link:

Celebrities are a form of brands. Their uses of social media is to promote themselves and what they have to offer. Unfortunately, when responses like Brown's are created with no thought to potential consequences, the public loses trust in that brand or in this case, celebrity.

If I were Chris Brown's publicist, I would start reacting immediately and write a statement of apology. What would you do?


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